Etrader Websites for Promotional Products are the most comprehensive online tool out there to help your business achieve online success. 

An etrader website can help your business in a number of different ways but we have put together our top five ways we help promotional products businesses online:

1. An Etrader website includes an easy to use four steps ordering process
Our customer friendly sites make ordering branded goods simple, our sites use four simple steps (see below). For a more detailed look at how to order and how our sites sell branded good our previous blog is worth a visit.

2. We use the latest 'Mobile-Friendly' design
More customers than ever are shopping using smartphones/tablet devices, the amount of traffic from portable devices is closing in on desktop based traffic. Google even launched a 'Mobilegeddon' update to identify the importance of being 'Mobile-Friendly'. 

All our sites are constructed using the latest free-forming responsive design and give customers the best experience possible regardless of the device used.

A normal desktop version of an etrader website...

How an etrader website looks on a smartphone/tablet.

3. Our sites provide practical tools that will help increase your online presence
Each site comes with an owners area/user admin area with a number of different features and functions that help you get the most from your promotional products businesses brand new website.

Our dashboard comes with an abundance of Sales, Marketing & SEO tools are available in the user admin area. All the onsite tools are user-friendly and provide practical tools that actually work (and add value!)

4. We help you get as much as possible from YOUR business...
Once we put a site live, unlike other website provides we don't sit back and let you get on with it. We believe in helping you get as much as possible from your site. Our team actively help you with the website with a number of different training sessions, catch ups and sessions available.

Not every customer is a tech expert and we tailor our support to each individuals needs. From daily catch ups to intermediate and advanced training sessions available we have the resources/team to help support you and your business. 

5. You can sell what you like online!
Whatever brands you want on-site we work closely with you to ensure you sell exactly what you want. If we don't already have the data, we can source it to make it available for you.

Our shops also make it simple to sell whatever you like... you can create any product to sell online in the shops part of the website. From pre-branded finished goods to special offer bundles and much more shops are your chance to get creative and sell whatever you fancy.

For more info on how we can help your promotional products business get in touch via email on or call 029 2074 1663
An eTrader Website focuses on providing business owners and their customers the most user-friendly experience possible. With a background in producing websites for personalisation businesses, we have mastered the art of selling branded goods online.

Of course we understand there are a multitude of sizes and variety of finishes available for each and every product and understand the practical aspect of this, the costs involved with set-up's, design charges, origination and so on. But an eTrader website takes care of all this and builds it all into the price.

But does your customer understand this
A traditional promotional products distributor will sell a product for X then by the time the customer checks out the price has inflated significantly with all the associated costs and charges. 

This traditional approach isn't wholly customer centric, so we decided to stick to what served us well in the garment decoration industry - including all the prices in the cost using our complex pricing structure. All the costs are built into the final price and the customer never see's the additional charges increasing the likelihood of purchasing online.

Providing a user-friendly experience...
Our sites ensure that the customer gets the simplest experience possible. As well as having the price built in, our sites use an easy four step branding process on all our products so they can checkout online in a few simple clicks. This helps your customers brand their goods in moments and helps your business grow its online sales through a slick buying journey. 

Here is a breakdown of how it works when your customer lands on your site:

1. A customer selects a category and a product within the category...

2. Pick a product from the selection of products available in each category. We source product data from a number of different suppliers, so whatever you are looking to sell online we can work online to ensure you have that available on your businesses website.

3. This is where our sites make it simple for customers to add their branding. We display all the sizes and options available for the product and when a branding position is ticked we use a simple drop down with the available personalised options. Then simply upload your logo or enter your text, and that's it...

4. And lastly, checkout. Your customer can order and be checked out in just a few moments. The simplicity of ordering online will make sure that your site wins the order from your competitors.

For more information on how we can help your promotional products business or to book a demo email or call 029 2074 1663
We recently launched our brand new websites for promotional products distributors at the BPMA Show this month. With a number of options out there for your business, we are going to explain how we can help you improve your online presence.

Well here goes...

First things first, why eTrader? 
We launched the promotional products version of our sites to compliment the garment decorator, the original version of the site. The sites have been a huge success in the garment decoration industry and after extensive development and R&D we feel the time is right to repeat our successful formula and launch website for promotional products distributors.

There's nothing like us out there...
It sounds like a cliche but there is nothing quite like what we offer out there in the promotional products market. The research we conducted shows the vast majority of sites are lead generation/brochure sites directly from a supplier or an all singing all dancing site that we imagine cost tens of thousands to develop. There is not much out there offering a sensible customer-friendly way for customers to buy online.

That's where we come into things....

Make ordering branded goods simple
eTrader has a proven record of improving branding businesses online presence and increasing online sales rapidly with our easy to use customer friendly site. 

From landing on a businesses homepage to checking out our sites make ordering branded goods simple. A simple to use branding process, clearly explained step by step makes your customers used experience simple. Nobody in the industry offers as simple a solution for buying branded goods as we do...

Putting it into perspective...
The info-graphic below (which was bought to us by our good friends at the BPMA and their Twitter feed) highlights just how much is actually being spent on promotional products by marketers. Earn your business a slice of the action with a website that actually works and actually sells online.

Marketing and promotional companies are willing to spend good money on promotional products, but is your site equipped to win these orders?

If your business has a simple brochure site customers will not be afraid to shop around now they have more options than ever. Customers want their ordering to be simple and our sites do just that. 

Take control of your site
Unlike many other pieces of kit out there, an eTrader website comes with a number of practical simple to use features for owners that actually work and add value including its very own admin area where you control all aspects of the websites pricing, marketing tools, quotes, customer shops sales tools, content and much more. No over the top complicated tools that seem whizz bang that don't actually any value to your business.

So what are you waiting for...
To find out more about how an eTrader website can help you to sell promotional products online or to book an online demo call our office on 02920 741663 or email with any questions you might have.
Today, the eTrader team are travelling to Northampton to get ready for the BPMA show, which takes place at Silverstone tomorrow!

We recently became an associate member of the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association), the trade body for the UK's promotional products industry, and we will be one of the ninety exhibitors present at the show tomorrow. This event falls right in the middle of Promotional Products Week (12-16 Sep), and we're particularly excited for it because...

We're launching our new website solution for the promotional products industry!

There are countless organisations across the UK looking to purchase promotional products; we at eTrader are here to help you reach those people and sell to them via the Internet. We do this by providing high-quality ecommerce websites that are populated with hundreds of different promotional products that can be customised and purchased online.

When you create an eTrader website, your company branding will be incorporated into a state-of-the-art website design, meaning that you’ll have an extremely functional and user-friendly site that looks totally unique and consistent with your overall brand. You control everything on the website, from the products you display to the prices you charge to the text on each page. You’ve got everything you need to succeed, and it’s all under your control!

To find out more about how an eTrader website can help you to sell promotional products online, visit our stand at the BPMA show on Wednesday the 14th of September. Alternatively, feel free to call 02920 741663 or email with any questions you might have.