More customers, more orders & enquiries, more production, more revenue.
Our sites offer businesses extreme levels of functionality and control making managing your online business simple. The promotional products industry has been calling out for a complete solution and with years of experience as a market leader providing sites for garment decorators, our sites make purchasing branded goods simple.

The websites we provide have rapidly continued to develop over the last five years and includes a number of features which enables your business to sell branded goods online, setting up shops for customers and personalise your homepage to your specification.

Brand Your Website

We design each website bespoke to your business and its corporate branding. We offer five different mobile-friendly designs which will give your business a modern professional site and your customers a simple to use site. Our sites modern design gives your business the edge over your competitors who will not be able to offer a similar online service and experience. Our team work closely with you during the design process to ensure that your businesses website looks exactly how you want it!
Brand Your Website

Choose from over 100 brands and 60,000 SKU’s

As part of our service we source, manage and maintain data from a number of leading suppliers alleviating the stress for business owners. You have full control of the brands and suppliers that you would like to appear on-site with the ability to switch them on or off at the flick of a switch.

Our system makes managing your brands and their prices simple with our easy to use pricing structure in place, simply select the brands you want on-site, mark them up and add your design charges.

The selection we provide is continuing to grow as we continue to respond to both customer and supplier demand. We provide data at our customers request and work closely to ensure that your site sells exactly what it wants. Our sites aim to provide as many options as possible for both you and your customer.

Add content, update prices and change products

Each website comes with its own user dashboard allowing YOU to control YOUR website. The dashboard allows you control all aspects of your site, its pricing, featured products, shops, sales and much more.

All our dashboards also come with a SEO friendly Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to optimise every page with copy, page titles and meta information. Other SEO tools include managing your analytics code, webmaster tag and your websites sitemap.

Our dashboard gives you all the tools required to manage your business. We focus on providing simple, practical tools that adds value to your business.

To find out more get in touch with our team today to book a demo for your business!
Add content, update prices and change products

Secure Shopping with SagePay & Stripe

Our e-commerce solution full integrates with both Stripe and Sagepay, who provide secure online payments to businesses across the UK. Our Sagepay accredited developers ensure that all our sites are integrated securely and provide customers a simple to use checkout.

If your business currently does not accept online payments we can help advise you on the best options for you and your business. Simply ask one of the team who will be able to point you in the right direction, we can advise you on the sign up process, the best options and ensure that your business gets the best deal possible!
SagePay Integration
Secure Shopping with SagePay Integration

Setup shops for your customers

Our sites allow you to set-up mini shops for your customers. These shops are simple to use and can be populated with any products at your set price. The shops give your business the edge of your competition who cannot provide a similar service. Customer shops are a great way to drive repeat business and a real USP when providing a B2B service.

Make repeat ordering simpler than ever before for your customers. You can create unlimited amount of shops which can be set as public or private which requires a login. Shops can also be embedded on customers websites using an iFrame.

A hugely valuable sales tool for your business get in touch today to book a demo and discover how our customer shops work.
Setup shops for your customers

And so much more..

With experience of providing websites for personalisation businesses we have worked closely with a number of influential members of the industry to provide the most complete online solution for promotional products businesses. eTrader has become an accredited member of the BPMA and will continue to work with a number of suppliers to ensure that we can bring our customers as many options for their website as possible.

We aim to provide the most comprehensive selection of products online and want to make selling branded promotional products simple.

To see more of how an eTrader website can help revolutionise your online business and the tools and functionality we offer businesses simply get in touch with us today and book a personal demonstration

What sets us apart is the support we provide our customers. We are a real company, based in the UK happy to help you maximise your efforts with your businesses website. Our team work closely with customers providing support and training in a number of online marketing topics.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to check out our latest advice articles, hints and practical tips that provides advice that actually works. This is regularly updated and communicated with customers as part of our weekly newsletter, we keep in constant contact discussing the latest updates, advice on how to get more from the site, how we can help and includes and supplementary training materials.

Often covering areas such as SEO, Content Writing, Email Campaigns, Social Media and much more we give you the tools required to succeed online!

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