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eTrader web solutions operate throughout the UK working with a large number of branding businesses.

The Distributor

The Distributor is the core version of our websites and offers the most functionality and flexibility. This version makes selling branded promotional products online simple, the easy to use four step customising process allows customers to checkout in a few simple clicks.

This version of the platform gives promotional products distributors more flexibility and customisation tools and features. It also gives you access to a number of fantastic features including the public/private mini shops, customer iFrame, customer and order management, quotes feature and much more.

This version of the platform offers incredible features and functionality, get ahead of the competition with our most popular version of the site. The Distributor is incredible value for money and will offer distributors an easy to manage online presence that will help increase your businesses income rapidly.
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Distributor Case Study
Branded Business Gifts Case Study

Case Study 1:

The Branded Business gifts website is an excellent example of the ‘The Distributor’ version of our platform, utilising the full e-commerce and functionality of the solution. Branded Business Gifts supply branded promotional products to businesses, marketing agencies and event companies across the UK & Ireland.

Having an eTrader website has given Branded Business Gifts a slick online presence and helped grow the business. Using the latest responsive design gives the Branded Business Gifts a modern, professional appearance which is unrivalled by its competitors. The growth of the business has led to an increase in traffic, sales and expanded business beyond the reach of local business. The site utilises all of the functionality that comes with this version of the platform and as a result sales and leads continue to increase monthly as a direct result of the eTrader platform.

"This eTrader promotional products website is a great addition to our website portfolio, it’s easy to use and our customer seem to like using it." Branded Business Gifts

The Affiliate

The affiliate version of the site provides a hands-off fulfilment service and ad additional revenue stream without having to touch an order. This version of our solution was developed to cater for related industries and businesses.

Utilising an affiliate site makes trading online simple. No industry specific expertise is required as we take care of all the orders, from customer enquiry to dispatch our team ensure that your customers get the highest quality service.

It is simple, you drive traffic to your affiliate site and our team fulfil orders and you get a kick back commission. No hassles, no stress, this makes making money online simple. This is ideal for either people with high levels of digital marketing knowledge who are looking for a side-line project or an existing branding business looking to improve their service to their existing clients, without needing to handle the enquiries or sales themselves.

We have an agreement with a service centre to handle the sales/enquiries (as the affiliate business) and to produce the promotional products under a white labelled service. For all intents and purposes the end customer thinks they are dealing directly with the affiliate business, but instead they are receiving a high quality white labelled service delivered by a very experienced promotional product distributor.

The affiliate has proved useful to a number of companies, either looking to reduce their overheads and increase their margins with very little effort, or to leverage their existing business/customers to develop more sales through an additional channel.
Set up cost £2,500 Monthly Fee £299 Sign Up!
Affiliate Case Study
Freeda Promotions Case Study

Case Study 2:

Freeda Promotions offer a selection of gifts, costumes, party gifts and much more to customers across the UK & Ireland. Freeda were looking for an all-encompassing solution for the promotional products arm of their business and have had huge success with the eTrader platform.

Based in South Wales, Freeda have embraced the Distributor version of the Promotional and all the features and functionality that comes with it. Freeda stays ahead of the competition in South Wales and the South West using a number of slick features that comes with the sites including the iFrame, customer shops, quotes and so on.

The solution has been a hit with Freeda Promotions who have steamed ahead of the competition with this version of the solution. Utilising the affiliate has allowed them to take a hands off approach to managing the promotional products side of the business. With an experienced digital marketing team in-house Freeda works tirelessly to ensure that they continue to drive traffic and increase sales for the site without touching an order, alleviating the stresses in-between.

"We’ve increased our online sales significantly with this new promotional products site, so we are more than happy to recommend." Freeda Promotions
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