Suppliers & Brands

See a sample of the brands and suppliers that we work with and for whom we carry products within our eTrader Websites platform.


The eTrader system contains a massive, and growing, range of brands from suppliers in the garment decorating industry. If you work with a brand that is not on this list and would like us to handle those products then please get in touch with us and we’ll attempt to communicate with the brand owners or suppliers in order to include their products. Below is a sample of the brands held within our platform:
Cenatron & Roting
Dunlop & Case Logic
Ogio & Journal
Scripto & California Innovations


We work with a wide range of suppliers in the garment industry and we’re growing the number of suppliers frequently. If you are a supplier and would like to discuss inclusion of your products on our platform then please get in touch. Below is a sample of the suppliers we work with:
Laltex Promo
Think Print
Book a demonstration with our sales team on 02920 741663